Wednesday, November 14, 2018
No more running downtown for your cigars! 
            Signature Havana Cubana is a cigar & speciality tobacco retailer, having over 10 years experience,  
we have dedicated ourselves to providing authentic Cuban and non Cuban cigars & tobaccos,  
ensuring all our staff has extensive product knowledge, and selecting only those smoking
accessories that we consider top quality and value for our customers. 

Cuban Cigars
  Non Cuban Cigars
Signature Havana Cubana
carries an extensive
selection of Cuban cigars. 

     Signature Havana Cubana
offers a large selection
of Non Cuban Cigars.
     Signature Havana Cubana
has an extensive catalogue
of smoking accessories.




                               Business Hours


10:00 am  -  7:00 pm (during Summer Time)
10:00 am  -  6:00 pm (outside Summer Time)


December = Sunday Open




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